友伴生活(YANA FAMILY)源自於英文You Are Not Alone 這句話,是創辦人的第一隻貓貓的名字,因為深知彼此,是友亦是伴,生活不再寂寞。



Company Introduction

YANA FAMILY is derived from the saying "You Are Not Alone". YANA is the name of our founder's first cat . They both know each other so well that they have become not only friends but companions, and moreover they are no longer lonely .

YANA is a cat with epilepsy and congenital visual-and-hearing impairment . She has keen senses of smell and taste, and clings to the food she takes and the cat litter she uses very much. During the nine years since taking care of her, our founder has been trying feeding her the food from the dry to the completely wet, enriching the environment she likes to stay, building her self-confidence, etc. We now put these experiences that we have got in our product and would like to share them with you, our dear cat partners.

Furthermore, we also like to share you our core values: cats are not picky eaters, but have their own ideas about their daily meals, just like humans. Eating is supposed to be a happy thing. Having fun trying every kind of food is rather than being reluctant to eat it . Let our cats always show  their greatest enthusiasm for what they eat , and accompany us healthily and happily every single day.




  • 嚴選天然食材:秉持我們的初衷,用最珍貴之心,給予每一個小寶貝最好的食材,精選人食等級鮮肉,讓貓貓吃得開心,您也能安心。
  • 社群適口性測試:我們理解貓貓們都有自己的堅持及喜好,因此在研發階段期間,我們廣發各大社群來進行適口性測試。透過各種飲食習慣迥異的貓貓回饋,逐步調整修正口味、口感,產出最高標準美味的超肉感主食餐包。
  • 循環互助社會:我們在乎的不僅是貓貓的生活環境,而是整體自然與人文生態的發展;因此我們的夥伴皆積極參與、接觸多樣化的社會議題。同時也希望能結合不同社會議題的團體,大家共同協作,對彼此投以互助支持,來共創理想的台灣。





Brand Introduction

Brand Mission

"KOAI KOAI CHIA̍H PN̄G" is the first brand promoted by YANA FAMILY. Our first product, "Selected Super Complete Meaty Cat Food Meal Package", has three major missions:

  • Selecting natural ingredients: With cherishing in mind, we follow our original intention and choose the best ingredients for each baby. The level of our selected fresh meat is like the one for human so that the meat can for sure makes cats enjoy their meals happily, and you can also feel free from worries.
  • Giving community palatability tests: We understand each cat has its own persistence and preferences about food, so during the product development process, we kept inviting members in several major communities to let their cats take the palatability test. Through the feedback of the cats, which have different dietary habits, we adjusted the taste, odor, appearance, and texture step by step. Finally, we produce the highest standard and super delicious meaty meal package.
  • Circulating assistance for our society: We care not only about the living environment of cats, but the overall development of the nature and human ecology. Therefore, we are actively involved in diversified social issues. We hope we can work together with different social-issue organizations as well to create an ideal Taiwan.

Brand Core Values

YANA says, "I am not a picky eater. I just have my ideas about my daily meal!"

The core value of "KOAI KOAI CHIA̍H PN̄G" is "persistence". We respect cats' insistence on food, and develop products basing on this persistence. We don't think cats are picky, for each cat has its own taste, just like human beings.

What we have been seeking is to find clues in details that cats may care about. With the rigorous attitude, we will never lose any chance to raise the quality of the product, and even the culture of our company.